Volunteer Position: Runner

Department: Production

Who should apply?

Quick, active and reliable jacks of all trades who enjoy doing many different tasks and don’t consider themselves too good for anything! People who are good at getting stuff done.

Dates & Times

Arrival: August 2nd evening or August 3rd morning until 11am.

If you are free you could even arrive already the evening before so you have time to set yourself up, settle in and join the team meeting to introduce you to your tasks and the whole team before the guests arrive.


Cleaning up the artist dormitory, refilling snacks or shower gel, helping to carry some instruments for an artist, driving to the supermarket to get something we need for the next show… What will your next task be? The only thing we know for sure is that it will never get boring. During your shift(s) you will walk around the festival with a walkie talkie and be available to complete tasks that are given to you on the go. Your shift(s) will be a total of 16 hours during the festival.

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