Volunteer Position: Deconstruction

Department: Deconstruction

Who should apply?

People who like to organize stuff and are good at it! We need you to bring everything back to our storage and pack it in a way that it is protected from getting damaged and we will find it next year. Your work is extremely important for us. You should also be able to carry and lift things since we are deconstructing the festival deco, clean up, remove garbage etc.

Dates & Times

The Deconstruction takes place after the festival. You will meet your team leaders at ca. 16:00 and start working until the evening. Then somebody will cook dinner at our open air kitchen and we usually have a nice and cosy afterparty. The next day (8.8.) somebody should prepare breakfast for the deconstruction team. After that work starts and the deconstruction should be finished until the end of the day!

The deconstruction team can camp for free on the premises until 9.8. morning. We provide food, need somebody to cook it.


The goal is to leave the location nice and clean and everything nicely packed and organized in the storage ready for next year.

We also need one person who documents the Lost and Found, takes pictures of all items and posts them in our Blue Monkey Tribe Telegram group so people can come and get their stuff. And one of you will cook for us at the Open Air kitchen.

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