Volunteer Position: Ranger

Department: Production

Who should apply?

Confident people with mad troubleshooting skills who enjoy to help others and know how to react quickly and wisely to challenging situations. You will be the superheros of the festival. Is anybody in trouble? You will find them and help them! Mosquito bite, low sugar levels, a conflict between 2 people? You are there to help. Either you can solve the situation yourself or you find the right person to deal with it. This role requires a doer attitude, a sense of responsibility and awareness.

Dates & Times

Arrival: August 2nd evening or August 3rd morning until 11am.

Best would be ideal if you could come already the evening before so you have time to set yourself up, settle in and join the team meeting to introduce you to your tasks and the whole team before the guests arrive.


During your shifts you will walk around the festival with a walkie talkie making sure everything goes according to plan. You carry an emergency pack with band-aids, electrolytes, taxi numbers and so on and will be the first to deal with any problems that might come up during the festival.

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