Volunteer Position: Check in/ Sanitary & Garbage Team

Department: Production

Who should apply?

This role requires a doer attitude, a sense of responsibility and awareness for the environment. Yes, you should be okay with cleaning the toilets if you get a bathroom shift! Don’t worry. We have a  cleaning professional that will do a thorough cleaning every night. But it’s your job to make sure they sanitary facilities are nice and fresh during the whole time and they need regular fresh ups during the day. We know it’s not the most popular job but as a reward if you are okay with cleaning as well your actual work hours will be much less than in the other teams! So if you want to have more time to enjoy the festival this is the best team for you.

Dates & Times

Arrival: August 2nd evening or August 3rd morning until 11am.

Best would be ideal if you could come already the evening before so you have time to set yourself up, settle in and join the team meeting to introduce you to your tasks and the whole team before the guests arrive.


You will greet the guests at the check in, check tickets and answer questions at the info stand.  Some of you will also take care of making sure that the festival grounds are always clean and in a good condition. Picking up garbage, setting up a garbage separation system and making sure it’s maintained as well as checking and cleaning the sanitary facilities whenever necessary. Those who do sanitary will have less work than the others in total.

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