Position: Peacekeeper

Department: Production

As our festival peacekeeper you make sure that any conflicts that may arise during the festival will be solved peacefully. You have a calm and friendly but also firm personality with strong boundaries and natural authority. You are able to communicate with different people and mediate between different parties at conflict. Even in heated arguments you stay absolutely calm and help to resolute the conflict in the fairest way possible for all parties.


● Contact person available to listen to complaints;

● Mediates between fighting parties with the goal to peacefully solve conflict;

● Stays calm in every situation;

● Expels subjects from festival premises in the unlikely case of severe boundary transgression;


● Experience with mediating in the case of conflicts;

● Excellent social and communications skills;

● Radiates inner peace even if the situation get heated;

● Radiates calmness and natural authority;

● Physically and mentally capable of expelling trouble-makers from the premises if necessary.


Should be available between Tuesday, August, 2nd until end of festival deconstruction (August 8th)

Ideally available during Team Weekend in Leuenberg 8./9. July (TBC)

Other information

● You will be part of the core team and thus spend 1-2 days before and 1 day after the festival with the core team at our beautiful nature location in Leuenberg;

● Before and after work you have time to skinny-dip in the lake, meet with the core team during the meals and enjoy the beautiful nature in Leuenberg before the festival guests arrive on 3.8.;

● You will receive a free festival ticket, and vegan/ vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner during the festival as well as during the period of construction and deconstruction. Furthermore will you be part of the core team and free to join our Team Weekend Camp (8./9.7.23 TBC)

How to apply?

By sending us an email along with a short bio, resume, and your relevant thoughts or motivation to info@thebluemonkey.club