Blue Monkey Festival 2023

The Blue Monkey awaits you for 5 days of dance, play and magic!

What happens if a tribe of crazy dancers, dreamers and believers comes together for 5 days each summer to reunite and celebrate life as a prayer and a work of art?

If you do everything with devotion life itself becomes a ceremony. Every single simple act will become meaningful and feel like a prayer. Do this together with others in an open and non-judgemental space and you will see pure magic happening.

Everything is possible…

A mud puddle might open up somewhere transforming people into wild and playful mud monsters. A caterpillar might inspire you to do something you never did before. You might receive an unexpected task or realise a new talent that could change your whole life.

Nobody knows what the mighty monkey has in mind for us this time. It’s co-creative. It’s alive. Whatever will happen, we create it together as a group. And this is where its magic comes from!

The only thing we can say for sure is that it is our true heartfelt intention to offer a safe and non judgemental space for US. A space in which we can experience heart connection and in which we feel free to play and explore. Open ourselves. Open our hearts. Allow ourselves and each other to be. To shine. This is our intention and we will do this together as a tribe in the best possible way.

Date & Location

3.-7. August 2023

Leuenberg/ Höhenland near Werneuchen.

A Place for Healing and Connection

There will be Ecstatic Dance, DJ sets, sound journeys, concerts, morning yoga and transformative workshops from the fields of breathwork, meditation, trauma healing, inner child work, shamanism and more. But it is not meant as mere entertainment or spiritual workshop hopping. We offer first of all a place for healing and connection. It’s a festival for people who love to dance to great club music and meet nice people but who also need some quiet and calm time to heal and restore.

Morning Tribe Groups

Every morning we meet in small tribe groups in which you can share and be heard with whatever comes up for you. Already before the crisis most of us didn’t get heard enough. More than ever we need to be seen and be really listened to and we are going to give this to ourselves and each other. We have experienced the circling groups as incredibly healing and transformative. They foster a deep connection with the people from your festival family. These are your festival buddies with whom you can share whatever comes up for you during the five days we spend together.


Festivals can be busy and we offer a lot of activities – so please chose where you want to go – or just go with the flow. Take good care of yourself. Take time to rest and integrate. There is a huge forest just next to the venue. Go for a walk. Connect with nature. Dive into the lake. Let nature heal and purify you.

Healing Space: Sauna, Bodywork & Massages

The Healing Space will be held by an amazing group of healers and space holders that will take care of you if you need empathy during the gathering. Our healers are trained and experienced in panta rei, shamanism and bodywork. They also offer massages and individual sessions if you want to go deeper.


By car:
Take the B158 (e.g. via B109), enter Leuenberg, turn right onto Gartenstraße and follow the map below.

By train:
From Berlin Ostkreuz take the RB25 until Werneuchen (ca. 30min). There you can either take the bus 887 Bad Freienwalde über Falkenberg (5 stops) until Leuenberg Dorf. From there it’s a 5-minute-walk to the venue. Please follow the marked way as shown below.
Please check transport connection beforehand as busses don’t go too regularly.

Keep it Clean – Respect Nature and the People

We feel blessed to celebrate at this beautiful place in nature with the forest and the lake nearby. Please let’s all help to protect the eco system and keep the whole area clean: the festival premises, the land nearby, the forest, the lake and the village of Leuenberg. We are grateful that the people who live in the village trust us and sympathise with our little healing festival. Let’s all earn their trust and show them some respect!

Tickets will be released soon!

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Food and Drinks

Delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as coffee, cacao and other hot and cold beverages will be available at reasonable prices.

Tab water will be available for free at all times next to the showers.

The Blue Monkey

In the Mayan Dreamspell astrology the Blue Monkey stands for the inner child and its innocence, curiosity and playfulness. These are the qualities in us that we celebrate.

Our values are to foster play and friendship in a non judgemental space in which we can be just as we are, in our perfect imperfection, nurturing and empowering each other.
In our experience this naturally brings about transformative processes and creates deep connections.
We aim to co-create a space which you can enter even alone and exit with the feeling that you made some new friends and heartfelt experiences.

Let’s all share the love, dance, play and connect!

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