Blue Monkey Festival 2021

Conscious Ceremonial Dance Celebration. Alcohol and drug free event.

Beloved Monkey Family, after a year of isolation we can’t wait to reunite for a conscious celebration of love and connection near Berlin again this summer. It was so lovely with you last year and we received so much positive feedback that we decided to do it again and hopefully even better this time.

Date & Location

06. – 10. Aug. 2021

Leuenberg/ Höhenland near Werneuchen.

Line up

Agneta Niemack
Alma Linda
Annemarie Neumann
Anha Wong
Bernhard Tewes
Bianca de Sardi
Bihter Yoga
Brett Knacksen
Daria Magdalena
Herrero Vicente
Jaya Trance Dance
Joax Col
Karolina Darshan
Katrin Fürst
Klaudia & Lydia
Lois de Bondt
Manuela Schmid
Mario Lange
Nadine Emmert
Nico Heydel
Nicola Sangita
Niels Heuer
Rahel Scharabi
Rüdiger Har Anand Singh
Schieferstein Music
Sebastian Gabriel
Tam Tara
Thea Hann
Thomas Fischer

Programme (subject to change)

Friday, 6.8.

14-17:00 Arrival, check-in, building up of tents

14-17:00 Lunch

17-18:30 Opening Ceremony w/Live Music: Bertolt Schieferstein, Karolina Darshan, Agneta Niemack, Katharina, Annemarie Healing Arts, Nico Heydel (ARENA)

18-21:00 Dinner

19-22:00 DJ Set: Alma Linda (ARENA)

22-23:00 Nicola Sangita (ARENA)

Saturday, 7.8.

8-9:00 Vinyasa Yoga: Manuela Schmidt (CLEARING)

8-9:00 Qigong: Lois de Bondt (LAWN)

8-11:00 Breakfast

10-11:00 Morning Circle (CLEARING)

11-11:30 Clantime (Meeting Point: ARENA)

12-15:00 Lunch

12:00-13:30 Voice Workshop: Klaudia & Lydia (CLEARING)

12-13:30 Mindful Forest Bathing: Bihter Kartäuser (Meeting Point: CACAO BAR)

14-15:30 Ecstatic Breath: Bernhard Tewes (CLEARING)

16-18:00 DJ-Set Eloiß (CLEARING)

18-21:00 Dinner

19-22:00 DJ-Set: Brett Knacksen (ARENA)

22-23:00 Live Act: EKAWA (ARENA)

Sunday, 8.8.

8-9:00 Vinyasa Yoga: Manuela Schmidt (CLEARING)

8-9:00 Qigong: Lois de Bondt (LAWN)

8-11:00 Breakfast

10-11:00 Morning Circle (CLEARING)

11-11:30 Clantime (Meeting Point: ARENA)

12-15:00 Lunch

12-13:30 Trance Dance: Jaya (CLEARING)

12-13:30 Acro Yoga: João Infantas (LAWN)

14-15:30 Conscious Leadership: Bertolt Schieferstein & Karolina Darshan (CLEARING)

14-15.30 Soma Tantra: Rüdiger Har Anand Singh (LAWN)

16-17:00 Live Set: Sebastian Gabriel (CLEARING)

17-18:00 DJ-Set: MINJA (CLEARING)

18-19:00 Time to dress up

18-21:00 Dress up Dinner

19-22:00 DJ-Set: Turak (ARENA)

22-23:00 Songs & Mantras: Anha Wong (ARENA)

Monday, 9.8.

8-9:00 Vinyasa Yoga: Manuela Schmidt (ARENA)

8-9:00 Qigong: Lois de Bondt (LAWN)

8-11:00 Breakfast

10-11:00 Morning Circle (CLEARING)

11-11:30 Clantime (Meeting Point: ARENA)

12-13:30 Kundalini Yoga & Gong: Tam Tara (CLEARING)

12-13:30 Ancestral Healing: Thomas Fischer (LAWN)

12-15:00 Lunch

14-16:00 Celestra Soundjourney: Bertolt Schieferstein, Konstanze Nähter (Cello), Kathi (Percussions)

14-16:00 Breathwork & Soundhealing: Daria Magdalena & Niels Heuer (CLEARING)

16-18:00 Live Set: Joax Col (CLEARING)

18-21:00 Dinner

19-22:00 DJ-Set: Alma Omega (ARENA)

22-23:00 Concert: Thea Hann (ARENA)

Tuesday, 10.8.

8-9:00 Vinyasa Yoga: Manuela Schmidt (ARENA)

8-9:00 Qigong: Lois de Bondt (LAWN)

8-11:00 Breakfast

10-11:00 Morning Circle (CLEARING)

11-11:30 Clantime (Meeting Point: ARENA)

12-13:30 Closing Ceremony w/ Live Music/ Agneta, Nico, Annemarie & Thea (CLEARING)

13:30-15:30 Lunch, Cleaning, Farewell

16:00 End of Event, Clearing of Space


By car:
Take the B158 (e.g. via B109), enter Leuenberg, turn right onto Gartenstraße and follow the map in the info email we will send to everybody who has a ticket.

By train:
From Berlin Ostkreuz take the RB25 until Werneuchen (ca. 30min). There you can either take the bus 887 Bad Freienwalde über Falkenberg (5 stops) until Leuenberg Dorf. From there it’s a 5-minute-walk to the venue. Please follow the marked way as shown in the info email we send to ticket holders shortly before the event.
Please check transport connection beforehand as busses don’t go too regularly.

What to bring

– Your yoga mat/ and or a blanket to sit on (not only for the yoga sessions but also for picknick style breakfast/lunch and dinner at the location.

– Your own plate, bowle, cutlery and a cup. There will be dishwashing possibilities at the festival site for you.

– A pocket ashtray if you smoke.
Smoking please only in the smokers area. If you want to smoke at the camping please make sure not to bother your nonsmoking neighbors by it and please don’t leave any cigarettes on the meadow.

– Your instrument(s) as there will be several opportunities for jamming

– A tent & a warming sleeping bag (Brandenburg summer nights can get fresh…)

– A warm cardigan or pullover (for the same reason)

– Your most glamorous/ funky outfit or costume for the Sunday dress up dinner!

– Only ECOLOGICAL toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste etc. to protect nature and the natural eco cycle in Leuenberg and the Langer See.

– Your perfectly imperfect self. It’s alright.


All tickets include camping in own tent and all workshops and activities.

Presale150€Contact info
Supported Ticket179€Tickets
Regular Ticket239€Tickets
Abundance Ticket279€Tickets
Helper Ticket111€Tickets
Kids Ticket29/49/69€Tickets
Babies TicketfreeTickets

Food and Drinks

We will offer delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as smoothies, coffee and cacao for a contribution to expenses.

Breakfast: 3€
Lunch: 4€
Dinner: 4€

Tab water will be available for free.

Hygiene Concept

Like last year we will operate a sound hygiene concept which will be adapted to the latest requirements of the authorities.

Cancellation & Refund

We are pretty sure that the festival can take place. If we against all odds should have to cancel because of new restrictions due to covid 19 we will give you a full refund excluding the processing fee of 5€ per ticket.

If you cancel yourself this is your responsibility and we won’t refund you. You have however the possibility to resell your ticket yourself and we will change the name for you until August 4th. After August 4th, 0:00 a name change is no longer possible.

If we have to cancel due to unforeseeable higher powers we don’t refund but will postpone to the next possible date. Tickets keep validity.

The Blue Monkey

In the Mayan astrology the Blue Monkey stands for the inner child and its innocence, curiosity and playfulness. These are the qualities in us that we celebrate.

Our values are to foster play and friendship in a non judgemental space in which we can be just as we are, in our perfect imperfection, nurturing and empowering each other.
In our experience this naturally brings about transformative processes and creates deep connections.
We aim to co-create a space which you can enter even alone and exit with the feeling that you made some new friends and heartfelt experiences.

Let’s all share the love, dance, play and connect!

Impressions of 2020

Blue Monkey Birthday Fest - Lineup


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