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Helper Tickets

We need help in the bar/ kitchen/ set-up & breakdown/ check-in & sanitary and the arts team. We are also looking for vegan/ vegetarian chefs for the set-up/breakdown days, experienced sound manager and VJs!

Shangri-La Festival Helper Tickets are for people who chose to commit a part of their time and energy to work at the festival. It involves a work exchange and includes some responsibilities. Please only apply as a helper if you can commit to this. Before purchasing your helper ticket please send us a helper application including your availability and skills/preferences!

Application is now open:

How it works

Helpers agree to work about 16 hours as an energy exchange. The sanitary team has the least work hours, the set-up and breakdown teams the most, but they also get to spend more days at the venue and will receive catering in this time…

There will be different teams with different tasks and responsibilities. We will try to respect your preferences regarding the team/tasks but cannot guarantee that everybody gets their preferred team and dream shifts so please only apply if you are generally open also to do something else if necessary. Helper tickets are limited and the early bird catches the worm (=preferred team) so the sooner we receive your application the higher the chances you get a spot in your favourite team. If you have applied already you can purchase your helper ticket already. We will be in touch end of April to discuss further details but the first ones that applied can generally expect to have a spot in their favourite team.

Shangri-La Festival Teams

1) Set-up & Breakdown Team

Who should apply?

People with festival construction/ building experience and/or electricity skills.

This team requires a practical hands on approach, practical skills, some physical strengths to carry heavier things. A basic understanding of electrics (sound system, lights/lamps, electricity) is a plus.

Please don’t apply for this team if you are not experienced with building or working with tools.

Team Leader: Gina

Dates & Times

Set-up: May, 23rd, 10pm – 26th before festival start
Breakdown: May, 29th, evening – May, 31st PLUS small tasks that might be necessary during the festival


Building up, decoration, breaking down, putting everything back together in a nice and orderly way. You will already come on May, 23rd, camp at the festival grounds and help building up. Work hours are definitely more than in the other teams but it’s gonna be fun to hang with the team at the festival venue preparing it for Shangri-La together!

You can camp for free at the festival grounds and there will be enough time to enjoy the nature, chill with the team and bath in the lake as well. Food and water will be provided during the preparation phase.


2) Art Builder Team

Who should apply?

Artists who are experienced with creating decorative art using different materials like wood, fabric, paint and so on to create sculptures, altars and magical little hidden treasures for the festival.

This role requires creativity, artistic skills, knowledge and experience to turn an idea into a 3D material tangible reality, knowledge about materials, where to source them and how to work with them.

Your artistic visions for Shangri-La 2022 are welcome!

If you are an artist and have an idea for a art piece for Shangri-La 2022 that can be done with a mini budget and a small team within the 3 days of set-up please apply to

Team Leader: Kathrin

Dates & Times

May, 23rd, 10pm – 26th before festival starts


You will already come on May, 23rd, camp at the festival grounds and help building up. Work hours might be a bit more than in the other teams but it’s gonna be fun and highly fulfilling to realise your projects together!

You can camp for free at the festival grounds and there will be enough time to enjoy the nature, chill with the team and bath in the lake as well. Food and water will be provided during the preparation phase.


3) Check in, Info & Sanitary Team

Who should apply?

This role requires friendliness, good social and communication skills. Plus, a doer attitude, a sense of responsibility and awareness for the environment. Yes, you should be okay with cleaning the toilets if you get a bathroom shift! We know it’s not the most popular job but as a reward if you are okay with cleaning as well your work hours will be less than in the other teams…

Team Leader: Jasmina

Dates & Times

May, 26rd, 10am – 29th, 8pm

We need one person for the cleaning during the set-up and breakdown.


You will greet the guests at the check in, check tickets and answer questions at the info stand.  Some of you will also take care of making sure that the festival grounds are always clean and in a good condition. Picking up garbage, setting up a garbage separation system and making sure it’s maintained as well as checking and cleaning the sanitary facilities whenever necessary. Those who do sanitary will have less work than the others in total.


4) Cacao Bar Team

Who should apply?

Friendly and outgoing people who know how to prepare and serve ceremonial cacao, coffee tea, smoothies, lemonade and healthy snacks at the cacao bar.

Team Leader: Kathrin


This role requires friendliness, good social and communication skills and we need to be able to trust you with the bar. People we know already will be preferred as well as people who are experienced in preparing raw, ceremonial cacao, coffee with a professional machine, smoothies and healthy snacks.

5.a) Kitchen Team 

Who should apply?

Requires basic kitchen skills. Friendliness. Experienced in cooking vegetarian/ vegan food.

Dates & Times

May, 26rd, 10am – 29th, 8pm

Team Leader: Simona


Cooking. Preparing and serving food during the festival


5.b) Kitchen Team Production

Do you want to travel already earlier to the festival venue and stay a bit longer as well, spend time with the team and cook delicious vegetarian or vegan health food for everybody?

Ideally you have a driver’s license or even an own car.

Please apply to


6) Visual Artists/ VJ

Do you want to VJ for us? Apply with your portfolio to


8) Sound Professionals

If you are experienced with soundcheck and could help our sound manager with his tasks, let us know:


9) Medicine Professionals

If you are trained to conduct professional covid tests you should definitely let us know. Right now, it looks like a test station is no longer necessary according to the local rules but in case this changes we might still set up one.

Please write us:


Welcome to Shangri-La!

In these times it is more important than ever to connect with community and create a network of places and spaces around the globe where we can still live together freely and peacefully according to our values and beliefs.

Shangri La is such a place. It is an utopia, a hidden paradise on earth where people live in peace and meet each other from heart to heart. It is a place to retreat from the world affairs, to recharge, nurture ourselves and each other and practise new ways of co-creating together.

Shangri La is an experiment, a temporary utopia, a space where we can dive deeply into the otherworld for exploration and connection to source in order to come back inspired and to bring this inspiration into the material plane.




Shangri-La takes place in Leuenberg near Berlin, at the grounds of the Blue Monkey Festival, a high-vibrational place in nature, just next to a magical forest and a big bathing lake with much space to explore, go for a walk, sunbath and skinny-dip.


By car:
Take the B158 (e.g. via B109), enter Leuenberg, turn right onto Gartenstraße and follow the map below.

By train:
From Berlin Ostkreuz take the RB25 until Werneuchen (ca. 30min). There you can either take the bus 887 Bad Freienwalde über Falkenberg (5 stops) until Leuenberg Dorf. From there it’s a 5-minute-walk to the venue. Please follow the marked way as shown below.
Please check transport connection beforehand as busses don’t go too regularly.

What to bring

  • Your own mattress/ iso mat and warm winter sleeping bag plus blankets if you need them
  • Your own tent or camper van if you don’t have a spot in the dormitory
  • Warm clothes and a headcover for cold nights
  • Your yoga mat/ and or a blanket to sit on (not only for the yoga sessions but also for picknick style breakfast/lunch and dinner at the location.
  • Your our own plate, bowle, cutlery and a cup. There will be dishwashing possibilities at the festival site for you.
  • Your water bottle to refill, drinking water will be available for free at the festival ca. 50€ to cover the food fee of our vegan kitchen if you are planning to join every meal. If you want to drink ceremonial cacao, coffee, smoothies and lemonade or get massages during the festival plan in some extra money.
  • A pocket ashtray if you smoke. Smoking please only in the smokers area. If you want to smoke at the camping please make sure not to bother your nonsmoking neighbors by it and please don’t leave any cigarettes on the meadow.
  • Your instrument(s) as there will be several opportunities for jamming
  • Your most glamorous/ funky outfits and costumes!
  • Only ECOLOGICAL toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste etc. to protect nature and the natural eco cycle in Leuenberg and the Langer See.
  • Your perfectly imperfect self. We love US just the way we are!


All tickets include camping in own tent or van, all workshops, DJ sets, concerts, morning yoga and several different medicine ceremonies with cacao and other medicinal plants.

Hygiene & Testing

We follow the rules & regulations given to us by the local authorities. We will update the site as soon as we know more about the situation in 2022.

Cancellation & Refund

We are pretty sure that the festival can take place.

If you cancel yourself this is your responsibility and we can’t give refunds.

You have however the possibility to resell your ticket and we will change the name for you until May 19th. After May 19th, 0:00 a name change is no longer possible.

If we have to cancel due to unforeseeable higher powers we will postpone to the next possible date. Tickets keep validity.


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