Shangri-La Festival 2022 Germany – Dormitory Spot (need to bring own iso mat & sleeping bag)


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Since the nights can still get cold in late May we currently build a shelter dormitory in the old storehouse on the festival premises for those who are not cold proof pro campers or come with their own camper van…

Disclaimer: Please don’t expect luxury accomodation! This is an improvised big dormitory in an old storehouse.

The ca. 100m2 big storehouse has space for 40 people who are sleeping on the floor. We are currently building a toilet and a sink in the storehouse which will be solely for the dormitory guests.  We will heat it but it’s not perfectly insulated and we don’t expect to reach living room temperatures there. However, it is a dry shelter that will protect you from the cold, rain and humidity.

You still need to bring your own mattress or iso mat and a warm sleeping bag!


The dormitory is just for sleeping. Please maintain noble silence and respect the others’ sleep!

If you know that you tend to snort please take precautions like freeing your mouth, nose and throat from mucus before going to bed, using sea salt based nose spray and sleeping on the side rather than on the back.


To help covering the additional costs for building and electricity we ask you a fee of 20€ for your dormitory spot for the entire 4 days/ 3 nights…


We are now at the beginning of massive changing processes of the world as we know it and we believe that it is time to go back to access our inner and collective sources of wisdom. The knowledge is already inside of us, we just need to become still enough and tune in.

We will meet at a magical place in nature, near a beautiful forest with a bathing lake, only one hour away from Berlin.

There will be transformative workshops and embodiment practices for us to heal, grow, be nurtured and nurture each other. Gathering in ceremony we go deeply into our own sources of wisdom, connect and then shake it up and move the energy dancing to Downbeat, Organica and Ecstatic Dance.

Offering some food for thought we will open the discussion on empowerment, connection and tribe. How to live in these times. How to empower ourselves and each other. How to build strong networks and heart connections. We trust the tribe intelligence to come up with some insights as well as new meaningful connections and possibly co-creative projects.

Ceremonies with mild plant medicine (ceremonial cacao and others) will open our hearts and minds and guide us on our way to expand our consciousness and co-create the future together.

This is what we can offer and if you you feel the call you are welcome to join our tribe of empowered conscious leaders!


Shangri-La, first mentioned in James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon” from 1933 is an imagined paradise in Tibet where people live in peace and harmony. Hilton’s Shangri-La is based on an old buddhist mythology, Chang Shambala. According to legend, Chang Shambala is a deeply hidden, secret paradise, the source of wisdom and will only then be accessible for humanity again when mankind is ready to understand and retain these secret teachings.

Inspired by this secret paradise Shangri La Festival is an experiment, a temporary utopia, a guided journey of self-empowerment to find new conscious and sustainable ways of living and co-creating together.


It’s crucial to be true to ourselves now. This is the inner source of our power. We need to find our gifts and our roles in this transition process. What that is is so very different for everyone but we can’t hold back anymore. We need to find what blocks us and keeps us from bringing our gifts to the world and then we need to remove all those blockages and gradually, more and more be what we came here to be.

Nobody can do it alone. But together we are strong. We are a tribe, a circle of power, and our hearts are connected. We mirror and reflect each other’s pain and each other’s glory. In this non-judgemental space we let each other be without expecting anything or pushing anyone. The transformation, the healing then happens naturally.

Shangri-La Festival is what we came here to do, to weave a real, 3D space for all of this to happen out of the tender fabric of our dreams.

You might say we are dreamers but we are not the only ones… (freely after John Lennon)

Guided Journey of Empowerment – Talks & Ceremonies

Each day we will focus on another topic within the realms of how to co-create the world we are dreaming of and there will be discussion groups and lectures from conscious leaders as well as workshops about different healing and movement practices to connect to source and empower ourselves.

Deep ceremonies with mild plant medicines will help us to deterritorialize our minds from previous beliefs and conditioning and give us inspiration what could be possible. We embody this journey through yoga and movement and A LOT OF DANCE to organic and tribal club tunes from downbeat to organic house and Ecstatic Dance.

Every day will have a different topic and different ceremonies and practices to occupy ourselves with this topic on all levels – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is a guided journey which we will do together as a group so we will maintain the same frequency. However, every ceremony and every workshop will be optional of course. You as an empowered conscious leader decide what does serve you and what does not and what you want to take from this journey!




Shangri-La takes place in Leuenberg near Berlin, at the grounds of the Blue Monkey Festival, a high-vibrational place in nature, just next to a magical forest and a big bathing lake with much space to explore, go for a walk, sunbath and skinny-dip.

DJs from the Berlin & International Club Scene

Shangri La is a place of art, creativity and love. DJs from the Berlin and the international club scene will play from the afternoon until the night to make you move and shake. There will be DJ sets, concerts and live music. We will dance, move, go crazy, calm down, relax, listen, jam, sing together and unify in ceremony.

Shangri-La Festival – Designed to Connect

The festival is designed to make it easy to get to know others and connect with them in a meaningful way. Every morning you will meet your festival family, a group of 6-7 people. You are free to share whatever comes up for you.

Every sharing is confidential. These so-called circling groups in our experience are absolutely transformational. You don’t have to join. You don’t have to do anything but to take care of yourself and respect the boundaries of yourself and the others. But we really recommend the circling groups to make you feel safe and get the full festival experience.

Experienced Healers and Teachers

In the healing area experienced therapists, bodyworkers and shamans welcome you any time with whatever is present for you and help you integrate the experiences you make at the festival.

Transformative workshops and practices designed to both ground us and reach peak moments will expand our consciousness towards what is possible and collectively balance our nervous systems.

Diversity and Fluid Identities

Identities are fluid in Shangri La. Here you can be whoever you want to be beyond the worldly constructions and performances of identity, gender and sexuality. Dress the way you like, express yourself the way you like, connect the way you like – always respecting the boundaries of yourself and the others.

Be an artist, be a unicorn, be a man, be a woman, be straight, be gay. Be whatever you feel you are right now – even if there doesn’t exist a word for this yet.

Be free, be love, be yourself.

Shangri La is boundless – it is a place that challenges and blurs worldly concepts and limitations.

Food and Drinks

We will offer delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as smoothies for a contribution to expenses. At our Shangri-La Bar you can purchase coffee, cacao and cool drinks.

Breakfast: ca. 3€
Lunch: ca. 4€
Dinner: ca. 4€

Tab water will be available for free at all times.


By car:
Take the B158 (e.g. via B109), enter Leuenberg, turn right onto Gartenstraße and follow the map below.

By train:
From Berlin Ostkreuz take the RB25 until Werneuchen (ca. 30min). There you can either take the bus 887 Bad Freienwalde über Falkenberg (5 stops) until Leuenberg Dorf. From there it’s a 5-minute-walk to the venue. Please follow the marked way as shown below.
Please check transport connection beforehand as busses don’t go too regularly.

What to bring

  • Your own mattress/ iso mat and warm winter sleeping bag plus blankets if you need them
  • Your own tent or camper van if you don’t have a spot in the dormitory
  • Warm clothes and a headcover for cold nights
  • Your yoga mat/ and or a blanket to sit on (not only for the yoga sessions but also for picknick style breakfast/lunch and dinner at the location.
  • Your our own plate, bowle, cutlery and a cup. There will be dishwashing possibilities at the festival site for you.
  • A torch
  • A powerbank if you need to recharge your device(s). Please note that the network is not very well at the premises. We recommend to go on a digital detox and minimize your phone and internet use. Be present where you are.
  • Your water bottle to refill, drinking water will be available for free at the festival ca. 50€ to cover the food fee of our vegan kitchen if you are planning to join every meal. If you want to drink ceremonial cacao, coffee, smoothies and lemonade or get massages during the festival plan in some extra money.
  • A pocket ashtray if you smoke. Smoking please only in the smokers area. If you want to smoke at the camping please make sure not to bother your nonsmoking neighbors by it and please don’t leave any cigarettes on the meadow.
  • Your instrument(s) as there will be several opportunities for jamming
  • Your most glamorous/ funky outfits and costumes!
  • Only ECOLOGICAL toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste etc. to protect nature and the natural eco cycle in Leuenberg and the Langer See.
  • Your perfectly imperfect self. We love US just the way we are!


All tickets include camping in own tent or van, all workshops, DJ sets, concerts, morning yoga and several different medicine ceremonies with cacao and other medicinal plants.

Super Early Shangri (until 31st January) 149€ Tickets
Early Shangri (until 28th February) 169€ Tickets
Regular Shangri (until 31st March) 189€ Tickets
Late Shangri (until 30th of April) 209€ Tickets
Last Shangri (until 21st of May) 229€ Tickets
Helper Ticket 99€ Tickets

Hygiene & Testing

Right now it looks like the 2G/3G rules are not valid anymore from April 22 on, so we currently don’t expect a vaccination or test to be necessary to join. Anyways, we follow the rules & regulations given to us by the local authorities and will keep you updated here about any changes.

Cancellation & Refund

We are pretty sure that the festival can take place.

If you cancel yourself this is your responsibility and we can’t give refunds. You have however the possibility to resell your ticket and we will change the name for you until May 19th. After May 19th, 0:00 a name change is no longer possible.

If we have to cancel due to unforeseeable higher powers we will postpone to the next possible date. Tickets keep validity.


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