Blue Monkey Festival 2022 Germany – Teen Ticket


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Dates: July, 21st-25th, 2022

Location: Leuenberg near Berlin

Already for the 4th time we gather in the countryside near Berlin for 5 days of conscious dance, celebration and connection. It’s our aim to provide a judgement free space in which you can be just as you are, dance, play and make new friends! Together we dream and co-create our Blue Monkey utopia, a land of love, freedom and playfulness – and really good music (Ecstatic Dance, House, Downbeat, Tribal, Shamanic, Oriental, Indian Fusion).

Alcohol and substance free event. Limited tickets.

Tickets (including all workshops & camping in own tent)

Super Early Monkey (January)

149 €

Early Monkey (February)

159 €

Mad Monkey (March)

169 €

Cheeky Monkey (April)

179 €

Sweet Monkey (May)

199 €

Late Monkey (June)

219 €

Last Monkey (July)

239 €

Helper Ticket

99 €

Kids Ticket


Babies Ticket



Tasty healthy vegetarian/ vegan food and drinks are available at very reasonable prices (ca. 3€ for breakfast, ca. 4€ for lunch/ dinner)


Yes, you can bring your kid to the Blue Monkey Festival!

However, you will have to take care of your offspring at all times. Parents are responsible for their children. The festival organizers cannot be hold responsible in case of any accidents etc. happening during the festival.

Child care cannot be provided by the festival organizers. We are still a super small festival with limited resources. We will however encourage you during the morning circles to team up with other parents to take turns looking after the kids during the day. The responsibility remains with the parents at all times.


Babies, Kids & Teen Tickets

Babies from 0-2 years go for free.

Kids from age 3-6: 39€.

Kids from age 7-10: 59€.

Kids from age 11-17: 79 €.

From age 18 on your child needs an adult’s ticket.

Extra Festival Preparation for your Kid

Ear Protection

Kids have sensitive ears. Please bring ear protection for your kids if you want to bring them to the dance floors. Also please take care of them during the dance sets as the dancers can get wild.


The catering will provide tasty vegan food. If your kid needs special food make sure to bring it for them.


Be prepared for both hot temperatures and a lot of sun (it’s during the warmest time in Germany) but also pack something for cooler nights and rain possibility. We are after all in Germany and everything is possible. Maybe also bring a sun protection tent as there are not many trees in the camping area and it can get hot if the sun is burning all day. Also don ‘t forget sunscreen for your kid’s sensitive skin.

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