Blue Monkey Festival 2021 – Helper Ticket



Blue Monkey Festival Helper Tickets are for people who chose to commit a part of their time and energy to work at the festival. It involves a work exchange and includes some responsibilities. Please only apply as a helper if you can commit to this. Before purchasing your helper ticket please send us a helper application including your availability and skills/preferences!

Application is now open:

IMPORTANT: Helpers agree to work about 16 hours as an energy exchange. There will be different teams with different tasks and responsibilities. We will try to respect your preferences regarding the team/tasks but cannot guarantee that everybody gets their preferred team and dream shifts so please only apply if you are generally open also to do something else if necessary. Helper tickets are limited and the early bird catches the worm (=preferred team) so the sooner we receive your application the higher the chances you get a spot in your favorite team.



1) Blue Monkey Festival Set-up & Breakdown Team

Availability: August 3th morning – August 10th Evening (until its clean). 16 hours

Tasks: Building up, decoration, breaking down, putting everything back together in a nice and orderly way. You will already come on August 3rd, camp at the festival grounds and help building up. Work hours might be a bit more than in the other teams but it’s gonna be fun and relaxed. Like a couple of more extra festival days… You can camp for free at the festival grounds and there will be enough time to enjoy the nature, chill with the team and bath in the lake as well. Food and water will be provided during the preparation phase.

Requires: A practical hands on approach, practical skills, some physical strengths to carry heavier things. A basic understanding of electrics (sound system, lights/lamps, electricity) is a plus.


2) Blue Monkey Arts, Crafts & Creativity Team

Availability: From July 28th – August 1st

Tasks: This is a pre festival workshop of arts, crafts & creativity! In the last week of July we are going to build some decoration for the festival with a small group of experienced and skillful artists and builders. There is a project vision guided by an artist but you are free to bring in own ideas and materials. In exchange for your work and energy you can camp at the festival grounds for free and we will all share the costs of the food. We are still looking for someone cooking for us in that time, so if you feel called to hang out with the arts team and cook for our small team for the three days in our open air kitchen at the festival grounds get in touch! There will be plenty of time to relax, skinny dip in the lake and connect with the group as well, so it’s like a little free prefestival…

Requires: Arts & building skills


3) Blue Monkey Festival Check in, Info & Cacao Bar Team

Availability: August 6th morning – August 10th End of event. 16 hours.

Tasks: You will greet the guests at the check in, check tickets and answer questions at the info stand and prepare and serve ceremonial cacao and coffee at the cacao bar.

Requires: Friendliness, good social and communication skills.


4) Blue Monkey Festival Kitchen Team

August 6th morning – August 10th End of event. 16 hours.

Tasks: This year the kitchen team will be led by an independent caterer, a friendly vegan food truck. They will organize the shift plan and communicate the tasks to the team members.

Requires: Basic kitchen skills. Experienced in cooking vegetarian/ vegan food.


5) Blue Monkey Festival Sanitary & Garbage Team

Availability: August 6th morning – August 10th End of event. 10 hours.

Tasks: The sanitary team takes care of making sure that the festival grounds are always clean and in a good condition. Picking up garbage, setting up a garbage separation system and making sure it’s maintained as well as checking and cleaning the sanitary facilities if necessary. It’s usually the least popular team but it can be fun too and it will be a lot fewer work hours as for the other teams. 10 hours instead of 16.

Requires: A doer attitude, a sense of responsibility and awareness for the environment.


6) Blue Monkey Festival Hygiene & Security Team

Availability: August 6th morning – August 10th End of event. 16 hours.

Tasks: The hygiene & security team takes care of making sure that the hygiene & security concept is kept and maintained at all times – in an easy and fun way. We will adapt our hygiene concept to the latest requirements of the authorities. Currently we expect to run a testing station at the check in and are looking for nurses experienced with facilitating quick tests.

Requires : A sense of responsibility and awareness for taking care for a group. Nurses and other professionals with testing experience please feel especially encouraged to get in touch!


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