Join us on an alchemical sound and dance experience in a Mongolian yurt in Aljezur! Alchemy of Sound is a portal into the universal dimensions of sound, a musical prayer that links ancient shamanic ritual and contemporary sound design.

Part 1: Voice Alchemy – Workshop

During this preparatory workshop guided by the vocalist and mistress of ceremony Karolina Darshan we will playfully connect with ourselves and each other through specific sound keys that unlock our voices. We will start connecting with our voices, bodies and with each other and learn the sound keys for the ritual. Bring your curiosity! You might open some completely new halls inside… 

Part 2: A Musical Prayer – Ritual

 Together as a group we will practise specific sound and voice keys and movement patterns roughly based on ancient Tibetan and Indian tantric practices. A tapestry of ritual music and specifically for this portal composed binaureal beats and solfeggio frequencies guides us deeply into the mysteries of sound. 

Binaureal beats can effect neural entrainment which means that the brainwaves synchronize with the rhythm of the musical stimuli. 

Solfeggio frequencies derive their deeply healing effect from their harmonic resonance with the electromagnetic frequency of the earth or “the heart beat of the Earth” as the German physicist Schumann put it.

Delicious handmade magic chocolate will be present and available (included in fee) for those who would like to open up their senses and enhance their experience. The pralines are infused with a microdose of medicinal mushrooms that softly open up the gates of perception and help us travel new mental pathways and make quantum leaps.

Part 3: Alchemical Ecstatic Dance 

The ritual is followed by a BERLIN FLAVORED DANCE WAVE with South-American and African influences with state of the art sound design by the Berlin-based composer and producer Yeshe Bosendorfer.

Sunday, 25. February

⏰ 15-23h

πŸ“ Ritmo da Terra, Aljezur 


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Supported Alchemist: 40€

Regular Alchemist: 50€

Supporter Alchemist: 60€

At the Door: 60€

Contribution includes:

πŸœ‚ Voice Alchemy Workshop

πŸœ„ A Musical Prayer – Sound Ritual

🜁 Magic Chocolate

πŸœ‚ Alchemical Ecstatic Dance


Vegetarian soup will be available in the end at an extra fee of 5€ that you pay in cash at Ritmo da Terra. Please let us know in your reservation if you’d like a portion.

Staying Overnight

For those coming from far away it is possible to stay overnight in your own car/ campervan or tent at an extra fee of 15€. That you pay directly at Ritmo da Terra in cash and change upon arrival. Check-out is until 10am of the next morning. If you are intending to stay the night please let us know beforehand as overnight spots are limited.


This event is currently not suitable for kids.


Dogs are not allowed at the venue unless the dog is able to stay in the car during the entire time of the event. Dog walking is possible only on the car parking area, not in the venue itself.

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Contact us: info@thebluemonkey.club

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